Ambulances equipped with cardiac monitors, defibrillators, medications, and advanced airway equipment.  Each unit is staffed with National Registered or State Certified Paramedics, capable of providing the most up-to-date advanced emergency medical care, under aggressive and liberal treatment protocols.


Clinical evidence supports the concept that expeditious response is a key component of Quality Medical care.

Medshore has provided 911 coverage under contractual agreement with Anderson County South Carolina for over a 20 years.  In accordance with  national standards, we have maintained a response time standard of eight minutes and fifty-nine seconds to life threatening emergencies with a 90% compliance rate  on a consistent basis. As a matter of fact, Medshore’s average response time for emergencies is 5.4 minutes, a feat unmatched in South Carolina.

Medshore Ambulance Service maintains a database of time and locations where the community will most often require ambulance service. Our computer aided dispatch (CAD) program allows us to effectively base vehicles at strategic  locations and to efficiently dispatch personnel .

System Status Management allows Medshore to pre-schedule non-emergency and inter-facility patient transports in advance, while maintaining adequate coverage for emergency responses.

This development expertise has enabled our company to achieve uniformly faster response times, with significantly lower operating cost Lower operating cost means lower cost to the communities and our customers, while providing the highest standards in emergency care.


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