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Sept 9, 2011.  Medshore Deployed 21 Units / 42 Employees to New York City early this morning.  The team of Medshore emplyees were deployed by AMR/FEMA to help in the relief efforts for those effected by Hurricane Irene.

Disaster Response Team / Facility Evacuations:

Medshore has been a key responder to Disaster Incidents and
hurricane evacuations across the U.S. for many years.

Utilizing specialized Strike Teams, Medshore has responded to
requests for service during Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Ivan, Katrina, Rita,
Gustav, Ike, and Irene evacuating thousands of patients and providing medical
care to local residents until essential services could be restored. Medshore’s experience
in Disaster Management has been recognized nationwide, as Medshore was one of
only four teams chosen to provide coverage at the 2009 Presidential

When an emergency situation strikes a medical facility, you need
the most experienced personnel to effect an emergency evacuation. You need a
company with the resources, personnel and experience to move your patients
safely. Medshore Ambulance Service meets all three of these requirements. Our
Disaster Response Team trains and conducts drills with medical facilities on a
regular basis. Personnel can learn a tremendous amount of information from
books and specialty courses, however, nothing replaces first-hand experience
and Medshore has that experience.

During all of our responses, Medshore was there from the beginning
of the incident and did not leave until primary services were restored. we
provide the same commitment to each facility we serve. Our Strike Teams are
some of the most experienced in the United States and are ready to deploy at a
moments notice.

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